We are just discussing the problems encountered. So I would say Weili wasn’t focused enough. This isn’t because she’s some kind of ogler; she simply wants to take eye feints out of the equation. UFC 262 results: It’s time to see who were the biggest winners (and loser) from last night’s "Oliveira vs Chandler" in Houston. But because of one misjudgment that I made, I thought she was doing a low-kick, and I had a defense for the low kick, but she made a high-kick instead. Rose Namajunas has never been one for trash talk, but her recent comments seem to run much deeper than that and bleed into family lineage & political ideology. If you can, watch the whole fight again (it won’t take you long), paying close attention to how consistently Namajunas maintains eye contact with her opponent’s chest. I worked hard for a long time, and I trained very hard every day. And it’s not like we went for three rounds and she overpowered me, or even after one round if she overpowered me and I lost, then I would admit that my skills weren’t as good. Now Namajunas begins her kick. UFC 261: Strawweight Championship Preview While Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal is the main event, Rose Namajunas vs. Weili Zhang‘s title fight should be one for the ages as well.Zhang is the current 115-pound Conversely, Zhang could have removed herself from danger entirely by moving both feet instead of just one. Newly crowned two-time UFC strawweight champion Rose Namajunas is no stranger … At the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville on April 24, the two best strawweights on the planet will collide. This is a style of kicking preferred in most schools of Karate and Taekwondo, and is reminiscent of the feared head kicks often thrown by Robert Whittaker and Lyoto Machida (click through for some GIFs). Entrevista de octógono com Rose Namajunas | UFC 261. Too much retreating footwork can end up encouraging the dedicated kicker, but then, that’s hardly an insurmountable obstacle for a counter puncher of Zhang’s quality—if it’s even an obstacle at all. At her core, Weili Zhang is a counter puncher—but not just any counter puncher. She spent just about 70 seconds moving around getting a look at Weili Zhang before sliding forward and casually booting the champ in the head to once again claim the UFC strawweight title. In other words, Zhang doesn’t mind taking chances early on—or ever—as long as it means she can pay back whatever offense comes her way as quickly and decisively as possible. At UFC 261, Weili Zhang … “So we were quite equal, and neither of us got any boos. We wanted her to be in her vacuum of focus from the moment of her entrance. Chinese MMA superstar Zhang Weili’s first loss in 2013 offers clues where she may go from here after Rose Namajunas snapped her 21-fight win streak at UFC 261. Last Saturday, at UFC 261, Rose Namajunas delivered just such a knockout. In a wide ranging interview, Zhang and her coach discuss all the difficulties they faced leading into their failed title defense at UFC 261. It’s a great chance for Rose Namajunas to prove her self in the UFC ring on 24 April 2021. Rose … Zhang inches onto the cusp of punching range. As for her feelings on Rose, which seemed pretty positive up until Namajunas kicked her in the face? “Regarding the stoppage, when the referee pulled me away, I really couldn’t accept the fact,” Weili said. Rose Namajunas and Zhang Weili will face off in the co-main event for the women's strawweight title at UFC 261 at Jacksonville Arena. In a women’s strawweight title bout on Saturday’s main card, Zhang Weili and Rose Namajunas meet at UFC 261 at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Fla. Opinions differ as to which default eyeline is “correct,” but Namajunas’ disciplined, sternum-gazing ways only add to the problems facing a foe attempting to suss out her intentions. ‘She Destroys You’: Mike Tyson Warns Zhang Weili About Rose Namajunas Published 03/11/2021, 3:00 PM EST LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 16: Boxer Mike Tyson arrives at the premiere of Sony Pictures’ “Tyson” at the Pacific Design Center on April 16, 2009 in West Hollywood, California. Indeed, Weili Zhang may be particularly susceptible to such calculated risks. Between those two title fights, in the co-main event, UFC strawweight champ Weili Zhang puts her belt on the line against the former 115-pound queen, Rose Namajunas. Let’s break down a few of the elements of this fresh masterpiece. As she leads with her jab, Jedrzejczyk sticks her own jab in Zhang’s face, more with the intent of distracting her than doing damage. UFC 261: Rose Namajunas TKOs Zhang Weili with brutal headkick By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Namajunas vs Zhang technique breakdown: Ain’t that a kick in the head, UFC 262: Oliveira vs. Chandler results and post-fight analysis. Zhang has the countering instincts (if not the skill) of a Juan Manuel Marquez: she wants to capitalize on her opponent’s mistakes, yes, but she doesn’t much like waiting around or giving ground in order to make a few safe reads first. Well, even if she were uncertain about the kick’s intended target, Zhang might have opted for a more universally effective defense, rather than whipping her leg out of range while leaving her chin well within it. As she takes her angle, Rose shows Zhang just a flash of a kick feint—enough to put the idea in her head. It’s the second of three title fights on the main card. The former women’s strawweight champion, Namajunas (9-5 MMA), was making her Octagon return at tonight’s inaugural Fight Island event in a rematch against the woman who took her title, Jessica Andrade. On Twitter, pro fighters reacted to the finish, Comeback KO!! Zhang also made it clear that they’re gunning for a rematch. We have reached the end of this piece covering the best odds for Zhang Weili vs. Rose Namajunas, where to bet on the fight, and, of course, a breakdown of both fighters. UFC 262 live stream results, play-by-play updates for the "Oliveira vs. Chandler" pay-per-view event on ESPN+ TONIGHT (Sat., May 15, 2021) inside Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. After a certain point, Jedrzejczyk had to set up more or less all of her kicks to find an opening that wouldn’t get her countered. The aforementioned Lyoto Machida excels at disguising his kicks in just this way: he locks eyes with his opponent, then looks sharply downward as he chambers a kick, only to send it rocketing up toward the jaw. Namajunas might have gone on to exploit this form of defense down the line, but it almost certainly would have worked in the moment. Just like a coach studying tape (but considerably lamer and a lot less useful), we analysts make most of our reads by picking out repeating patterns. With potential rematches against both Namajunas and Jedrzejczyk on the horizon, and a whole host of other exciting strawweight battles from which to choose, there is no reason that Weili Zhang shouldn’t come back from this shocking defeat sharper and craftier than ever. I am talking about the boos, the location, and the uncertainty of who I’ll face, not because I am making excuses for my loss. Usually, for the professional MMA geek, a flash knockout is the worst possible outcome. Rose Namajunas, who recently defeat Jéssica Andrade at UFC 251, earned title fight against current champion women’s strawweight division (Zhang Weili). Weili Zhang vs. Rose Namajunas. Positively ripe for a kill shot. I wanted to make friends through MMA, but the other person doesn’t think like that. A quick follow up of ground-and-pound forced the referee to stop things and let me tell you, Zhang was not happy with the stoppage immediately after. Weili Zhang. Zhang Weili vs. Rose Namajunas takes place at UFC 261 this April 24, 2021 at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. We need to do better. Sometimes, though, a knockout is just too perfect not to think about, over and over again. If Zhang didn’t catch onto the footwork, she is well aware by now that a kick is coming her way. “Last fight with Joanna, even though she trained in America, she isn’t American,” she explained. Rose further minimizes any telegraphing by keeping her leg chambered until the crucial moment. The bout will serve as the co-main event to the welterweight title fight rematch between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal. “When my music started playing even before I showed up, it was already loud. View Zhang vs. Namajunas fight video, highlights, news, Twitter updates, and fight results. However, picking a winner is not as easy as one would think. This should be nothing if not a learning experience for the Chinese fighter. “I think Weili performed quite well in the beginning,” he said. Rose Namajunas earned a stunning first-round knockout victory against Zhang Weili at UFC 261 and became the first female to recapture a title in UFC history. She wants those counters now, and after that she wants them again, and again. Rose Namajunas has never been one for trash talk, but her recent comments seem to run much deeper than that and bleed into family lineage & political ideology. One sentence summary David: The oldest blood feud in the world: whatever can get you… “Even if she had 70 percent of the audience on her side, and just a small amount on my side, it wouldn’t have been that loud,” she continued. Click To Subscribe To LowKick on YouTube Contents1 The fight fans have been waiting for!2 Tale of the Tape2.1 Zhang Weilei2.2 Rose Namajunas … She slides her back foot forward first, dangerously narrowing her stance, but adding a little reach to her kick. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA When presented with the first perplexing signs of Namajunas’ impending kick, Zhang might have admitted her ignorance, stepped back, and safely got the whole hell out of Dodge. We all know that the strike you do not see is more often than not the one that knocks you out, and there is no doubt given her reaction that this particular strike catches Zhang completely blind—which helps to explain why, despite being thrown with impressive speed but little power, the kick nonetheless knocks her almost completely senseless. More interesting than the specific technique, however, is the mindset which leads Zhang to use it. It is sometimes possible to quickly ascertain the target of an incoming strike by following the other fighter’s eyes—but this also opens the door to misdirection. Namajunas lifts her chambered leg. They trade jabs. Rose Namajunas waltzed her way to a first round KO victory over Zhang Weili recently. By Connor Ruebusch @BoxingBusch Apr 28, 2021, 1:00pm EDT Previewing Zhang Weili vs. Rose Namajunas – Betting Odds and Fight Analysis. After a few upper body feints, Rose takes a few small adjustment steps to line herself up with Zhang’s center-line. For Namajunas, who delivered a similarly stunning first-round KO in her second title effort, it was probably the most flawlessly executed single strike of her career, and it deserves to be appreciated on its own merits. As far as blanket rules go, “counter every kick” is a hell of a lot smarter than, say, “run away from every kick,” a tack taken by far too many other MMA fighters. Zhang Weili vs. Rose Namajunas was everything and more that fight fans had hoped to see. Zhang Weili spoke at length about her experience taking on Rose Namajunas in front of a sold out arena in Florida. Ideally, we would like it to be held in Abu Dhabi. The early prelims kick off at 6 p.m. Zhang Weili is coming off a huge win over Joanna Jedrzejczyk while Namajunas is coming off a win over Jessica Andrade. Zhang Ignoring Namajunas’ ‘Non-Truths’ Leading Up To UFC 261, Zhang Releases Statement After Quick KO Loss At UFC 261, Rose Credits Joanna With Finding Holes In Zhang’s Game, first UFC event to be held in a packed arena, Video: Idiotic Fight Fans Are Back, Usman Browbeaten During UFC 261 Staredowns, UFC 261 live stream: Results updates, highlights, fight videos | ‘Usman vs Masvidal 2’, Florida Boo-Birds Blew Zhang’s Focus At UFC 261, Charles Oliveira Authentic Walkout Jersey, Michael Chandler Authentic Walkout Jersey, Sean "Sugar" O'Malley Multi Graphic T-Shirt, Jacare’s Doctor Shares Update On Horrific Arm Injury, Dana White Rips Triller: ‘They’re A F—king Joke’. It will be safe to crown the winner of this fight as the greatest UFC strawweight […] So the basic idea underpinning Zhang’s game is not unsound. Instead, “Thug Rose” threw a quick headkick that landed flush on Zhang’s jaw just past the first minute (watch the highlights here). And so I couldn’t even hear what the referee or coach said.”, I would just like to say that the booing tonight of Chinese UFC fighter Zhang Weili in Florida was down right disgusting. Leave ‘my guys’ alone - White blasts Triller for trying to book GSP. 1. The Koalition. Zhang Weili (left) will face Rose Namajunas (right) at UFC 261. Remember, Namajunas was gambling just as much as Weili by putting that strike out there without first establishing a competing threat. I wouldn’t bet Zhang’s moneyline unless it dropped below -180 , but I would consider using Zhang as a small parlay piece (at -200 or better) with Kamaru Usman. UFC strawweight champion, Zhang Weili will defend her title against the former champion, Rose Namajunas at UFC 261. Rose Namajunas offered a good-natured apology to reigning UFC strawweight champion Weili Zhang shortly following the conclusion of UFC 251. ET on ESPN/ ESPN+ , with the prelims on ESPN/ESPN+ at 8 p.m. Zhang Weili vs. Rose Namajunas will be the second of three title fights at UFC 261 betting on April 24 from the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. Height: 5’5” Weight: 115 lbs; Reach: 65” Age: 28; As you can see, Rose Namajunas holds the slight height, reach, and youth advantage on fight night. As the fight with Jedrzejczyk showed, she is particularly attuned to countering kicks. Zhang vs. Namajunas at UFC 261 on Tapology. Rose Namajunas earned a stunning first-round knockout victory against Zhang Weili at UFC 261 and became the first female to recapture a title in UFC history. From a stylistic point of view, this is about as Her coach, Xuejun Cai, also stepped into the interview to share his thoughts on the boos. Any fighter who looks into their opponent’s eyes (as many fighters do) signs themself up for a dangerous game. And I brought a big team of mine to America, yet the match ended this early. Zhang Weili will defend her Strawweight title against Rose Namajunas in the co-main event of the evening. Zhang Weili vs. Rose Namajunas, Round 1 Leg kick from Zhang. So I felt wronged.”. Instead, the fight ended just 1:18 into the first round after Namajunas faked going downstairs before unloading a perfect headkick that flattened Zhang (watch highlights). Just as Jedrzejczyk’s foot connects, we can see that Zhang, confused, is attempting to protect her lead leg just as she did against Namajunas—in fact, we can even see Joanna selling the low kick by looking down as she kicks high. While keeping one’s eyes fixed on the opponent’s chest can make it all but impossible to sell a kick with a glance like Machida, it also prevents the opponent from gathering any ocular information whatsoever as to said kick’s intended target, real or feigned. And sometimes, despite all your best efforts, life just kicks you in the head. Rose with another nice jab as Weili beats up the inside of Rose’s leg with kicks. Rose Namajunas has just fought 11 times in her mixed martial arts career, and despite that, she has beaten some of the greatest fighters on the planet and has gone on to become the first fighter to become a … And then there is the deception of the eyeline. Below, we analyze the UFC 261 Weili vs. Namajunas odds … In a women’s strawweight title bout on Saturday’s main card, Zhang Weili and Rose Namajunas meet at UFC 261 at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Fla. Here are the predictions for the UFC 261 co-main event, Zhang Weili vs Rose Namajunas. Like Namajunas herself, who suffered defeat during her first crack at the belt, Zhang would be well advised to take this setback as a lesson on the values of discipline, poise, and patience. As Zhang withdraws, she can see that Jedrzejczyk is following her retreat with a kick. Former UFC strawweight champion Rose Namajunas hopes to get a rematch with current champion Jessica Andrade, but she’s first looking to take some time off to recover from a neck injury. Article continues below this ad. 4. Even a kick as expertly executed as this one must, by design, leave the thrower momentarily teetering on one leg. The betting odds for Zhang Weili vs. Rose Namajunas suggest that this fight is going to be very close indeed. By Tim Bissell May 11, 2021, 3:54pm EDT Share this story But, now Rose is the champion, so it might not be up to us. Zhang vs. Namajunas Pick I projected Zhang at 67% in this matchup, implied odds of -204, just about in line with the betting market. And it was very sudden, very quick. For more on UFC 261 and next week’s Reyes vs Prochazka card, don’t miss the latest episode of Heavy Hands, featuring the wrestling expertise of BE’s own Ed Gallo. 1. But Rose, she is smart. And often the perfect time to do so is within the first few minutes of a bout, before the opponent has had a chance to settle down and run your various inputs through the database of her muscle memory. When, however, IT IS ALL OVER in a matter of moments, it can be difficult to know what to say. 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